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2020 Senior Recognition

The Houston Area Chamber of Commerce offered a 2020 Senior Recognition Award program for this year's Houston High School graduating class.

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Award Program

The Senior Recognition Award program was open to all of Houston High School's 2020 graduating class. Senior who submitted an eligible application will receive a $100 award each to assist in their continuing education needs.

*The application window is now closed.

Congratulations to our award recipients!


The Chamber wishes you well in your educational endeavors following Houston High School, and we're excited to see what this next chapter brings.

  • Alex VanGundy

  • Jarrett Erickson

  • Dustin Stampka

  • Joshua Gatzlaff

  • Madelyn Srock

  • Tessa Peterson

  • Jeana Hahn

  • Mikkel Schutte

  • Casey Porter

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